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so let me get this straight. anti-choicers took $500,000 dollars worth of pennies and sealed them in a glass case as a “memorial” to “victims” of abortion. i’m going to say that again. these people have locked away $500,000 dollars as a “tribute” to dead blobs of cells instead of donating that money to actual living breathing children who don’t have basic necessities or homes.

anti-choicers are incredible

Help to raise money for medication and medical bills









After speaking with my doctors tonight, I’ve set up a new fundraiser that will run until April 1st. The money raised will go to pay for a total of seven prescriptions and 10% of my hospital bill for this current stay as per the new agreement with Emeritus - a religious/charity group that helps people in my situation.

I have 13 days left and have raised $125. Please, please help if you can. I’m really hoping I can reach $1200 by the 1st of April. If you can’t donate, then please keep reblogging. Thank you so much.

As of this morning, Monday - March 24th - there are 8 days left for me to raise this money. As of today, I’ve raised $160 of the needed $1200. I have 8 days to raise what remains. Please keep reblogging this fundraiser and getting the word out. It’s a lot to raise in 8 days but, I am hopeful it can be done. Thank you for all your support.

Since I didn’t raise the amount by April 1st, I’ve extended it to the 15th. I figure, I”ve gone this long without the medications, a few more days won’t change it that much. Please help out if you can. Thank you.

Well, I’m down to 8 days again and only $185 of $1200 has been raised. Please help if you can and continue to reblog if you can’t. Thank you.

If you don’t want to donate through wepay, you can donate via paypal with the following email address, opened up for me by my Izzie: 

Thank you.

There are six days left and I’m still at $185. Please help if you can. It’s not just about me at this point. If I’m not on my medications when I have to go to court on this custody hearing, I could potentially lose full custody of my son. If you can’t donate, please keep reblogging so that maybe others can. Thank you.









I’m sorry that you had to see this pictures, but have you ever heard about the Surabaya Zoo? It’s the biggest zoo in Indonesia and it is, basically, a place for animals to die in the most horrible ways. They don’t have vets, they hardly ever clean the place, staff sells animal’s food, some of them are in really small cages…

You see the giraffe on the picture? It ate 20kg of plastic bags cause it was starving and all there was to eat was garbage. About 25 animals die per month.

The government doesn’t care about the zoo and ONGs have problems to release the animals cause most of them are not in healthy conditions to just go back to their true homes.

SIGN THE PETITION TO SHUT DOWN SURABAYA ZOO! Help to make a change. Reblog it. Post it on all your social medias. Invite your friends to join. Tell everyone you know about it.


holy jesus fuck, this zoo is STILL open??? its been months since i’ve seen petitions going around for this. shits fucked. 

This should have way more notes. I’m fucking disgusted

I will be ashamed if you don’t sign this petition.

This isn’t something to just past by..  Goddamn…

Haha all these fuckers aren’t vegan, $1,000 says not even a quarter of these reblogs are by vegans. Stop picking favorites. If you’re gonna sign this petition, go vegan while you’re at it. Millions of animals are dying as we speak, for your taste buds. Fucking hypocrites.

You know what’s really annoying, literally
One of my pet hates, People who are vegan who think that being vegan makes them a supreme being.
Get over yourself people can still eat meat and agree that this zoo is wrong, and the way these animals are treated is wrong. Just because you think you’re a special vegan snowflake doesn’t make you a better person than anyone else. It’s just a personal choice like what clothes you wear or if you want to drink alcohol or not. People who eat meat can still care for animals too no matter what you try and say. I mean some meat eaters don’t have a choice weather they can eat it or not due to medical conditions etc. What difference does it make in what kind of person you are? I’ll tell you what it doesn’t. It’s just a preference in diet. It doesn’t mean that all meat eaters are personal animal abusers like you try and preach.
Go focus you’re time on something important instead of trying to TELL people their not allowed to care for animals if they eat meat, cause that’s bullshit.

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